Monday, January 20, 2014

PHP Online Decrypt / Decode Tools

PHP Decode - eval / gzinflate / gzuncompress / base64_decode
PHP Decode - str_rot13 / gzinflate / base64_decode
PHP Decoder - eval / gzinflate / base64_decode
PHP Decoder - eval / gzinflate / str_rot13 / str_replace / base64_decode / ionCube Loader
PHP Decoder - eval / gzinflate / base64_decode
Decode HEX, OCTAL String -  ...\x32\56\x121\x45\x67\x78\60...
Decode FOPO v1.2 Script
Decode BYTERUN Script
Decode ZEURA.COM Script
Decode PHPLockit v2.2 Script
Decode CodeLock v2.7 Script
Decode HTML ENTITIES Script - ...یست...
Decode ATOMIKU PHP Script
Decode SourceCop v3.x PHP Script
Decode PHP-CRYPT Script
Decode TrueBug v1 Script
Decode Pipsomania Script


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  7. Hi
    Great articular bro :)
    but if i want to encode HEX, OCTAL String then ?
    any idea for that ..?

    Bhavik Hirani.

  8. hlw, kohi he fopo encorde, decorde kar sakte hain?