Sunday, January 19, 2014

DeZend Engine v7.0 Osiris Edition

This is the newest ionCube decoder and probably the most attractive because it can decode ionCube v7. Most people try to sell this program and it is very hard (or impossible) to find it free. It is called “DeZend_Engine_CRACKED”.

  • Sometimes it does not decode ionCube 6x.
  • This program gives enough decoding errors, unfortunately. They are not many but they will consume your time if you are decoding a large script. The decoded files have to be corrected by someone with good knowledge of php.

How to use:
  • place your PHP file in the “encoded” folder.
  • click “DeZendEngine.exe”,
  • click “1” and ENTER.
  • you will find your decoded script in the “decoded” folder.


    1. This post was and is helpful. Great job.

    2. nice one mate..1!!!!!

    3. Works like magic :D

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    5. Download latest IonCube Decoder v8.2 with many improvements!

      Decodes IonCube 6.x to 8.x and Zend.
      Decrypts basic PHP encryptions.

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    7. Old buggy software, what about ioncube 9 ;)? like